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Effectiveness Of QT

*By Permission Of Quantum-Touch Inc.

An interview on Quantum Touch and it’s healing effects.
*By Permission of Quantum-Touch Inc.

*By Permission of Quantum-Touch Inc.

The Quantum-Touch Defined

The Quantum-Touch® Introduction Audio

Listen below:

The Quantum-Touch® is a method of natural hands-on healing and promoting optimal wellness for the mind and body. It uses the natural energy which we all have, to provide relief and healing to get well physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Quantum-Touch® focuses and amplifies life-force energy, which is most often referred to as “Qi”, “Prana” or “Mana”. This is accomplished when a Quantum-Touch practitioner combines various breathing and body awareness exercises.

At the core of Quantum-Touch’s belief is that all healing is self-healing and thus, the definition of a healer is someone who was sick and got well; a great healer is someone who was very sick and got well quickly.

As long as Quantum-Touch® breathing and body awareness exercises are employed, the practitioner never becomes drained in the process. In fact, the practitioner benefits by raising his or her vibration for overall wellness.

As Jerry Pittman, M.D. wrote, “In its elegance, Quantum-Touch provides healing bio-energy for the healer as well as for the person seeking healing”.

Learn Quantum-Touch® In One Weekend

Anybody, including children can practise Quantum-Touch® as it is easy to learn and apply, whether you are a complete novice, chiropractor, physician, reflexologist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, qigong practitioner or other healthcare professionals.

In the 2-day workshop, participants will learn effective skills and hands-on techniques to help oneself and others, including giving distant healing.

The hands-on experiential class sessions reinforce the theory and techniques learnt, empowering participants to develop a real sense of confidence that they can truly help others, while experienced practitioners find that their skills significantly deepen.

Remarkably, this work amplifies and enhances the effectiveness of a wide spectrum of other healing modalities that allows for greater and more profound results.

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