About the instructor, Nancy Ho

About the instructor, Nancy Ho

“The Clarity Messenger”, Nancy Ho is a Quantum-Touch® Level I & Level II instructor and she started her spirituality path at the age of 28 where she discovered that material success alone was not sufficient.

She explored, learnt and practised various forms of energy & spiritual modalities from Crystal Healing to Reiki, Divine Light to Shamanism, channelling to various forms of meditation, Quantum-Touch and many other mind modalities.

Nancy’s life not only became better, she achieved her leap and became even more successful holistically. With her personal experiences, she imparts her skills to the thousands from her last 22 years of personal & professional development and training career. Hence, she lives a satisfying, fulfilling life in a meaningful way.

Nancy believes everything comes down to energy and vibration and hence, she focuses her training in elevating one’s energy to the optimum level. The hands-on experiential sessions reinforce the theory and techniques learnt, thus ensuring full benefit from the programmes.

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